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About The Far Limited

The Far Limited is an independent assets management company with high-value assets in West Africa, East Africa, Middle-East and Australia and the headquarters at Melbourne, Australia. Established on 20th, June 2014, The Far Limited is a financial management, cryptocurrency income, trading and investment platform, a subdivision of 'Far Limited' with its aim at dominating the sphere of cryptocurrency niche which involves but not limited to cryptocurrency investments and consultations.

The Far Limited considers a vibrant engagement with management spanning the lifecycle of an active investment as an essential foundation for success. Check Our ABN Here

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Why Choose Us?

Our outstanding platform is currently being used and trusted by thousands of investors across the globe.
Below are some of their reasons for trusting our platform.


Safe and Secure

Our platform is running on a very secured hosts, with the server and domain name well encrypted. We utilizes a very strong encryption.


Seasoned Staff

Our staff are seasoned, reputable with many years of outstanding experience in the system. We work with seasoned professionals.


Great Returns

Having being active for over 5 years, we boast of over $33M investments and $37.8M returns on Investments. We are profitable and stable!


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The Process

Below is the simple direction and process of using our platform, our User Interface is so simple that almost every user understand it instantly with little efforts.

Register Account

Register freely to join the platform instantly. Registration is open to investors across the globe but you must be 18+

Deposit & Invest

Deposit and invest to your portfolio using your bitcoin wallet, investment are aproved and will start running instantly.

Withdraw Earnings!

Place withdrwal for your profits including capital, withdrawl requestes are reviewed, approved and paid into your btc wallet.

Referral Bonus

We pay outstanding referral bonus of 10% of all referral's deposits and it's of no limit.
Refer your friends and earn 10% of all their deposits, instantly!
You can withdraw or invest your referral earnings.

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